Pun Kin

by Totally Gourdgeous

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The fourth CD from Totally Gourdgeous.


released January 1, 2012

Recorded by Mal Webb
Mixed by Mal Webb and Penelope Swales
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering.


all rights reserved



Totally Gourdgeous Melbourne, Australia

Four outrageously diverse singer-songwriter-musicians united under Gourd. Indeed, playing instruments made from those woody cucurbits brings their music together to make folk funk philosophy to feed your wildest pumpkin longings. Penelope Swales (guitar), Carl Pannuzzo (drums), Mal Webb (bass, mbira and bugle) and Andrew Clermont (violin, mandolin and guitar). ... more

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Track Name: Walkabout Waterbottle
Walkabout Waterbottle

Walkabout waterbottle's come a long way to be here today
It's just plain water with a vague hint of soil, but it's worth its weight in oil

Every day what a lot of bottled water's shipped around the planet tipped to be fashionably sipped
It's a plastic, packaged promotional trap for something we should get from a tap
Importing water oughta be thought of as resources out of sync, don't need a handful of land fill with every drink
Yeah, recycling's good, re-use is better yet, but not to make it at all's the best bet

Full colour labels rave how they can save us, outrageous claims do us no favours
Saying "chemical free" is kind of pox, I'd guarantee it's chockers with dihydrogen monoxide
It's not naturally any purer to be from somewhere fancy free like France or Fiji
Get globally vocal, but go really local, oppose those disposed to impose disposable

Bottled water's but a salient example relating to a world of pointless packaging and frivolous freighting
And while demand meets supply, they'll suck us dry, so keep your cash, purge your urge to buy
Just give it to me straight, not refined or overly pure, cut all the waste and the hype and the overture
Though in the bedroom, instead, dub thee a knighthood, a little wrapping there could do the earth a world of good

©Mal Webb 2009
Track Name: Knees
Knees (for Gran).
Your body's an amazing thing
The fact it works at all's astounding
And yet we take for granted
This most marvellous meat machine
On top of that, some bits get more
Than their fair share of slander
Like the heels, elbows, nose and armpits
Gizzards, shins and spleen
But there's one body part that stands alone
In being useful yet abused
But it's not gunna take it laying down

Yes indeed you need your knees
They come in handy climbing trees
A proposal is disposable
If you don't get down on one
And a fun run with a bung one
Isn't much fun in the long run

Kindly take care of your knees
It would displease you should they seize
They bend over backwards for you
But you never praise their work
Then you speak of them with words
Like dodgy, knobbly, trick and jerk

Fancy feet and hula hips and twinkle toes
Get all the credit on the floor
But they'd be flapping in the breeze
Without the knees
So stoic and reliable and true
In this world of hype and marketing
It's not enough to be good at what you do

So let's not neglect the knees
For to joy they are the keys
They provide a place for banjos
They're a must when laying eggs
And a tantalizing halfway point
When you're heading up the legs

Come anoint that joint the knee
Priests and beggers would agree
It's an instant chair for special friends
Anywhere in all 4 seasons
That'll fly between two other knees
For a multitude of reasons

Hip and shoulder, thumping thighs
And fleeting feet get all the credit on the field
But they'd be flapping in the breeze
Without the knees
So faithful and dependable and true
In this world of glitz and spin doctors
It's not enough to be good at what you do
To be great at what you do
To be the best at what you do

Let's hear it for the knees
Right from elephants to bees
For our lives are full of ups and downs
Let's not forget the middles
So come dance a little can can
To patella paradiddles
For the knees

© Mal Webb 2001

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